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    Eapps and Bluehost

    Eapps doesn't have anything for free, as far as I know, but I've always been really happy with their hosting and especially their technical support. My music game, PlayAlongKeys, has a fairly traditional server backend (Apache, Tomcat, MySql, Java, etc.) I've hosted it at Eapps and before that...
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    Tools for making relatively simple graphical images

    As a mobile app developer, I frequently do a lot of my own basic graphics for game. Either I'm creating something from scratch (such as a button design) or sometimes I will need to modify relative simple art I've found on the web that is either labeled free for commercial use or for which I've...
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    Flutter for Mobile Development

    I'm using Flutter (from Google) for a mobile application that I want to make available on iOS and Android. It has been quite good in terms of performance and having a uniform look across platforms without needing to write separate versions for the two platforms for much of the code. The setup...
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    Best tools for making a small to medium size website

    If you were making a small to medium size website from scratch today that included, as part of it, blog sorts of posts as well as product information and listings, what would you use? In my case, I didn't need to do eCommerce, though I'd certainly consider doing it if the need arose One of my...
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    Musicians and Tech People

    I've often found a close connection between musicians and tech people, perhaps because both are based on math and patterns. At one tech software company, I played Tenor Recorder in a Recorder Quartet. We got together usually at lunch and most of the music was Baroque. Most in the group played...
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    Teaching Elementary School Kids Technology And Music, including writing games

    I've been a volunteer teacher of tech and music in an elementary school for ten years. I teach tech and music, which makes me one of the most popular teachers around. I use MIT's Scratch for a lot of the programming teaching. I really admire Professor Reznick (Chief Scratcher) and what his team...
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    I play Yonder, which is an open-world available on Switch and many other platforms, I think. The world is quite large and you can work on several goals at a time in no particular order. I really like that sort of thing. Of course, you spend a lot of time exploring. There's also a rather...
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    Are there any Koral players here? It's an ecology-oriented game that includes a lot of information about saving coral reefs and appreciating them, though that's not what the play of the game is primarily about. Mostly, it's a relatively simple puzzle game about finding your way around...
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    Animal Crossing New Horizons, anyone? K.K. Slider?

    I can see that a lot of you are into the very heavy serious video games. I've occasionally done that, but I'm more into the lighter, more casual ones these days. Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) is very popular these days, particularly since the pandemic. As a musician, I've always been...
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    You can now major in writing music for video games at Champlain College

    There's a new major at Champlain College in Vermont for creating video game music. My son is one of the charter students in this option. You can also major in game development and related areas. Wish they had these sorts of majors when I was in college. Bruce
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    Hi, everyone! Interested in music?

    Hi, everyone! I'm here to checkout MariaDB in an experimental way. I have some mySQL experience, but I'd like to look at the differences. I'm the creator and developer of the free iOS/Android game PlayAlongKeys. Safe for kids and all. It's sort of my contribution to the world. No advertising...