Should I use shopping apps? $$$


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In my experience I used several (Wabi, Orders Now, Rappi) and in general I notice that the discounts they offer are not the amount or percentage they offer since many times the prices in the applications are higher than in the physical stores. In other words, when there are discounts, it is generally advisable to buy since if they come we will not be saving as much as they want to show, there is also an economic saving. It should also be noted that time and convenience are saved and many times they offer several payment alternatives.


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They have lots of security breaches, in my opinion shopping in real life is better. Though the coronavirus made that harder I would agree that you should use shopping apps so that you can be safe.


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My experience with apps like these is that they may offer an initial discount for first use, so you avail of that, and then never use the app again as it offers nothing else that sets it over the edge of its alternatives.