The Future of Voting: Online? By mail? In-person?


How do you think voting will change in the future? With the pandemic lockdown effecting in-person voting, many people in the US are voting by mail, however some are concerned about the possible effects of tampering. Would voting online make the situation better or worse? Do you think once the pandemic ends people should go back to in-person voting, or keep using other methods?


I think most of those living outside of the United States have always looked enviously at an almost perfect democracy of the United States. But lately I can't help but feel mob rule is very much tolerated and destroying the ability to maintain that democracy, so not sure how that is going to affect the voting - maybe it should be postponed first until some order has been created first.

I think even if the US had a different leadership that those who are unemployed will still feel unhappy enough to want to burn things down. People in the US, particularly those whose lack of access to medical care and ability to self-isolate and who as a result have lost many family members to Covid 19 as well as jobs, are very frustrated and angry. Possibly the US need to focus on trying to sort that out first before an election can be held.

But OK, online voting, not sure how that will work. There is a good history in the United States of always finding ways to tamper with voting outcomes, so no doubt a system would have to be designed to be absolutely fool proof, and I can't see how possible that would be. Particularly after the debacle with the Russians trying to influence voters by using Facebook as a tool. It's a crazy world out there and not so sure how the US would be able to control it. Possibly if the election cannot be postponed, they could still have voting stations that are semi automated. But yes, bussing the elderly in won't work well, unless very well organized.


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"If it could have changed something, they wouldn't let us do it"

Power corrupts people and who's got it wants to keep it. With it one can do lot of things and who's morally so strong to always do what's the best for others? Even if it means to exclude himself from the responsabilities? There's someone who control and some others that are controlling who control, that only moves the power up to the last controller so let have a triangular controlling system like a mexican standoff, at least until the three realize that they are at the same level...

Democracy is power from the bottom, if the most are ignorant and the means of power comprehend communications and information, there are sciences (also included in the power-premium-package) that turns out to be useful to say the required [...] things in the right way to be very persuasive.
It is a form of government that could work only if the most of people have a high instruction and are aware about the human nature, that is not so altruistic like to figure a politician as a friend, that's an extreme case once I've personally heard, it makes the idea of the largeness of naivety of some.

Maybe there's not a strong need to secure the vote online, since a good communication action through TV and social networks is going to guarantee a result anyway.

The future of vote? I wouldn't be impressed if it would become unused, revealing the end of an illusion.


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The futures is bi using a trusted system like blockchain.
Maybe if we reach a point where every layman understands this concept. As it stands, only a low single digit percentage of the population would even have a brief notion of what it means. And when you don't know, it's scary to think of it becoming the norm.