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    Updates for 2022

    Updates. We are underway with the revamping of the GigaRocket website. We will be using the Xenforo commmunity platform for the forums with a customised bridged version of WordPress to host the blogs. I have started rebuilding the website in a staging environment. I expect it to take another...
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    Updates for 2022

    Hello and welcome. DJB here, founder of Gigarocket. I have an importmant annoucement to make. Later in 2022 we will be returning to the free web hosting sector. Before that can happen we are going to rebuild the website to give it a sleek, modern feel and look. We will not be using cPanel for...
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    The longest spam thread in the World

    I had to reload the forums again. Don't ask why, it should be more stable now. Forum styling coming in a couple of months. A partial return to free web hosting coming later in the year.
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    GDPR Legislation and the Right to be Forgotten

    Here at Gigarocket we do our best to adhere to the European GDPR legislation and the right to be forgotten. Should you register within our community forums and decide it is not for you. You can request removal of the forum account, we conduct account removals as a batch once per month...
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    M.2 SSD Overheating (Western Digital) need advice

    Hey all, looking for some advice here. On my desktop PC I recently purchased a 240GB M.2 SDD (NVME) from Western Digital. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, however I have noticed that when I'm playing resource-intensive games the M.2 SSD temperature can get very hot. somewhere in...
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    Google Tag Manager?

    Any users on here of Google Tag Manager (GTM)? Personally not a fan, but my day jobs requires me to gain proficiency in the tool. Thinking of doing a handful of GTM experiments here on the GR forums to gain some additional experience. I've also done some research into GTM Recipes (premade GTM...
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    Fantastic customisation of myBB - Sharree

    I have stumbled on a website that uses myBB called Sharree. I really like how they've customised myBB to give a modern vibrant look rather than the traditional forum look. I was actually surprised when I found it was myBB powering the site. I did not realise you could customise the look to that...
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    WHMCS Plans - Starter, Plus, Professional & Business

    I just noticed that WHMCS are becoming profiteering cowboys. They have introduced a new set of packages called Starter, Plus, Professional & Business. It wasn't all that long ago they hiked prices for the subscription from around $15 per month to almost $20 per month. That $20 per package is...
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    Paid Hosting Users - Notification to relocate Hosting

    Please note intend to retire the paid web hosting services. We do not have adequate support to cover billing, refunds and technical support enquiries. We started as a not for profit web hosting provider which meant we relied on volunteers to help. As time has passed those...
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    Billing Issues with Paypal

    Hello, we are currently experiencing some issues will our billing portal (WHMCS) and Paypal. They're not communicating as seamlessly as they should. As a result a handful of our paid hosting subscription users have experienced double invoicing and/or suspended hosting accounts. We are working...
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    MyBB Pages - Create copies of Portal Page

    I have been playing around with myBB again over the weekend. I was looking at ideas on how you can use myBB as a full frontal CMS. I have discovered if you make a copy of portal.php and rename it (to anything) and also make a copy in the ACP you're able to create unqiue pages with all myBB's...
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    Social Media is killing forum communities

    I've been conducting a little research exercise to try and understand why forum communities are having such a tough time. I've looked in the popular forum scripts and their search interests via Google Trends. They all have one thing in common, decline.. Since around 2011 all the popular forum...
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    Making MyBB Forums more SEO Friendly

    These listed below could help increase organic exposure for myBB forum owners. Edited template file?????? <title>{$thread['subject']} - {$mybb->settings['bbname']} - Page {$page}</title> ?? ??? <meta name="description" content="{$thread['postpreview']} {$page}" /> I used the postpreview to...
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    Datacentre Outage - 9th November

    Hi all, Please accept our apologies for the few hours downtime this morning. Our datacentre OVH had a power outage, everything is back online now. Many thanks, DJB
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    Ethereum Mining

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    Guest Bloggers Wanted

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    Update Failed: Download failed. cURL error 6: name lookup timed out

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice here. On one of my sites hosted elsewhere I have been getting this error response:- This arrears when I try to install or update Wordpress plugins. I'm starting to think that the hosting provider has restrictions around using cURL. Any suggestions?
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    RIP Chester Bennington - 1976 - 2017

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    Feedback - Newer Members

    Hi all, Those that have been with us a while will probably notice we have episodes of spammer activity. Those quick one-line newbie posts with no actual meaning or contribution. I'm concerned that a small minority are posting mindless nonsense, which some actually are. The question is, do you...