Alternatives to PUTTY SSH Client


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For years I've always used Putty as my main SSH client. I've never really used any other SSH client. Is there any alternatives that are worth checking out and giving a try?


Great topic! :cool:

For me it would have to take something very special to want to try something else out than PuTTY as it is just so easy and accessible in my task bar, but I found this very good article about alternatives. For a change a well written article by someone who has tried the alternatives himself.

He has changed to MobaXterm Home Edition, a free SSH client for Windows, and has high praises for it. I'd be interested to know whether any of our members have experiences working with this client.

There also seems to be a few PuTTY forks I was unaware off. When I have some time I'll experiment with those too.


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Because you use PuTTY I assume you use Windows to conenct to Linux. If this is the case you may try mingw/msys2 using tmux.

Using tmux you may have mouse integration, multiple panels. Using msys2 you may get a very realistic emulation of Arch Linux within your Windows OS but also real linux GNU compiled binaries that runs within Windows.