Andriod Anti virus


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I am a big fan of Avast Security, because it's available for Linux/Windows and Android.
So I don't have to get used to 3 different GUIs to maintain the virus/spyware defense on my devices.
Besides this usability advantage, the virus recognition of Avast Antivirus free offers the same capabilities than the ultimate version which is one of the best currently available.
To answer some of the previous posts: I think mobile virus detection is becoming more and more important, because the more people use mobiles for i.e. mobile payments the more hackers will try their luck on hijacking them. And Android security patches are updated around every 40 days only.


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I used avast, besides antivirus it has a built-in function thanks to which I can add numbers to blockers and can not call me.

This is a very useful option if the phone does not have a function like mine and the mass of unknown numbers rings.


Android doesnt need antivirus if you update its security patches regularly, beacuse some adblock apps need root access and cache cleaner does good job for regular usage.


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I think AndroHelm antivirus is the best in speed and scan fast all version of viruses and never use lots of resources to drain your battery and unstability cause use of the CPU of your smart phone.


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Actually you can try AVL Pro(It's free),as many Chinese phone's built-in Antivirus use its engine,and AVL Pro even offers an "app analysis" section(It's static analysis) that may inform you of potential risk of the app.


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Most of the modern smartphones comes with built-in Antivirus of course the database the app uses are from companies like Avira, AVG, and Avast.
My question is why do you need one?
The latest operating systems are very well protected, so I don't see that anyone need antivirus.
Also these apps actually slows down your phone speed, and sometimes heats it up.


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Android doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to security, but I'm also won't recommend installed antivirus on phone because my personal opinion is a antivirus on phone is garbage, most of the time give me false detected and block my legit app. The risk increases exponentially if you install apps outside of the playstore, so remember installed app from legit source and won't click any unsafe link from email, message or internet, then I think no need too much worry about the safety.


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I don't use any antivirus.
I don't think it is a real need, specially if the moile phone is unrooted.
Some minor tools are find and can be find separatly from the antivirus software: phone monitoring, anti-theft and location tool.
For the rest, it is just a useless consumption of ressource.


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A real antivirus I do not use on my Android devices. What I do use it Malwarebytes and this suits my needs. Antivirussen mostly slow down your devices. Malwarebytes runs very smoothly and been using it on my computer for years now.

No need for me to have antivirus on my smartphone. Depending on what you do with it, it's not needed anyway. I do use antimalware (Malwarebytes). That's it