Flappy Bird


The android flappy bird easter egg is hard its almost impossible to do get 1 score seems to jump the whole screen with one swift tap.


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Incredibly I had my best score when I was drunk :drinks:
It was 60-something if I didn't forget and it was on my iPad


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Flappy Bird is the most amazing game that I ever played.there are many games now wich copy the flappy bird source and just change the bird and other arguments and get a new name and new game!!
but flappy bird is the first one and also most amazing one! my highest score in this game is 33!


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I'm playing Floppy Bird. Beacuse Flappy Bird is deleted from Play Store. Floppy Bird is a nice game. My best score is 15+.


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This game is a brainkiller! I hate this case i cant do more than 50 jump, its dissapointing me everytime i almost destroyed my ipad when i was playing this game :ZZZ


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Floppy bird is the most overrated "game" I have ever come across. I simply could not believe it's popularity. It was nuts.

People were spending ridiculous amounts of money on advice that had the original game on it. When the whole phase was going on, I was shook. Lol. Seriously, I couldn't believe it.

Disagree is you like, but I just don't get it. Lol.



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Idk if he would earn the same amout of money when he put on stores for the first time as u have thousands of flappy birds now. Mine score is 147.


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Damn lmao I remember when I used to play this game so much, too bad it doesn't even work on iOS 12 because of 64 bit incompatibility. Developer went missing on twitter too, not sure what happened there.


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I started playing a remake of it on my graphics calculator a while back which has touchscreen. The nostalgia was fun but playing was a little weird since the physics didn't work totally correct!


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I think my highest score is 40. I remember playing it and enjoying it very much.

P.S I raged sometimes lol