What CMS do you use?


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Typo 3 for huge sites.
For all the rest I am using wordpress:
Personal sites
Company presentations
Social network/collaboration sites


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I predominantly used Joomla for years. I always regarded WordPress as a dedicated blog software but it certainly has evolved over the years and today it is as much a CMS as it is a blogging software. Joomla gets the job done, no doubt, but I would in fact regard WordPress as potentially one of the best CMS out there since it has the widest array of plugins and themes available to the user. Plenty of these (often free) themes radically change the design of the site and sometimes you wouldn't even guess it's a WordPress installation. This is what separates this web script from the rest IMO.


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I've just started on joomla. Not sure which is best regarding security. Might give WordPress a try later.

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The best well-known with a great stability is wordpress, also it comes with an immense community where you can acquire lots of RESPONSIVE templates (either paid or free), I tried it in the past and like it. However I prefer to write the website on my own! But if you like to use a CMS, I suggest WordPress!


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One website with WordPress, then a PunBB forum and finally, two websites with my own, simple CMS. They are managed by the people who bought the website project, so I do not have to waste time explaining them how to do this or that ;) Probably if I had created a website basing on WP or something complicated, they would call me now and then asking how to achieve some thing. And creating a simple CMS was the right choice ;)


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Wordpress + customized WooCommerce = easy inventory, products and order handling like standard posts and media in Wordpress.

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Is "none" a good answer? I WAS using Oxwell and after countless hours of setting it up I decided I didn't like it. I deleted it and was planning on using DotNetNuke but it won't load and I don't know what's wrong (obviously something to do with the database but I'm not a coder. So now I have nothing but a blank index.html page. I'm frustrated beyond frustration. :sorry:


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easy for beginner. and have many tutorials online that is easy to follow.

i also tried joomla, magento and prestashop but not as easy as wordpress.


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Yeah Wordpress pretty much dominate the CMS world. They have something for everything and every type of site. Also huge base of free themes which let you have some really good stuff for your blog. It's no longer just strictly a blog platform but a base of any type of web site.


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Well if I have a look at some of the VERY TACKY written CMS for Word Press I think there is lots of room for improvement. There is definitely a need for a plug-in to at least straighten out the codes. Is it my imagination or is it getting worse, almost expected? When I make changes to the CMS I find I usually have to massage the CMS first so it at least looks like CMS.


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Well in a way it's getting kind of bloated. There are so many areas to be improved so yeah it's not perfect or 100% good. But I can't find anything which I can use as replacement for this. Just like Google AdSense in PPC and Dreamweaver in HTML editors and Photoshop in design software.


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I alwaysd use(d) Seditio because its very easy to make youre own plugin
I believe Seditio is gone now but U always can find some old version on the internet